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Live Musical Entertainment for all Occasions (Orchestra, Karaoke), DJ Service, Photography, Videography, Private and corporate events coordination
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Your Resource for analog, digital, home demo, sound, studios and other recordings.
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Your Resource for analog, digital, home demo, sound, studios and other recording.

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Some Recorded Samples

Some Recorded Samples

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Digital techniques for storing and transmission of audio signals are attractive because they offer high quality signals, which do not deteriorate with transmission distance, number of copies or time. Digital information when properly stored and transmitted maintains its 100% integrity in contrast to analog information which deteriorates during each transmission and storage cycle.

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) is also far more powerful than ASP (Analog Signal Processing). First, the quality of the signal is maintained during DSP. Second, most of the DSP devices are very flexible because one can run many different applications on the same hardware by a change of the software. Analog devices are devoted to particular tasks and are not as flexible. Third, digital signal processing can perform operations impossible in the analogue domain.

Some of the functions which could be performed by the DSP devices are: filtering, equalization, compression/expansion of dynamic range, time compression/expansion, delay, reverberation, pitch change, generation of arbitrary signal or noise, music and voice synthesis, noise reduction, signal restoration, automatic pattern and voice recognition, time- reverse, noise gate, automatic gain control, mixing of signals, and FFT (Fast Fourier Transforms).